Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wrapping Up

Last class everyone in my group, with the exception of Ian, went around and played other groups games.  Funny enough, doing so made me more confident about our game, Kitchen Chaos, because I felt our game was more workable, fun, and had the just perfect amount of challenge for a relaxing game.  When the class was over, however, I discovered that there were 2 specific problems that needed to be addressed.  First, our game really needs a reference card.  And second, we should likely incorporate a diagram in our reference card so that players know how many cards they can pick up from each pile.  Fortunately, these problems are relatively minor and the huge bulk of our assignment is over.  Because the core of our game stands strong and we are saved from the dreadful panic of making major changes towards the end.    

Moreover, Ian thought that the final version of the assignment was due last class, which is why he pushed us to complete everything fast.  Although it was hectic to design, print, and cut the cards in such a rush, we have more peace of mind now since pretty much everything is done.  Finishing up early also benefited us when other students reviewed our game because they really got the full flavor of how we designed it and thus, were able to provide more substantial feedback.      

Lastly, Henry and Ram were busy last week so this week they are doing slightly more work by trimming the cards.  This is a factor that I really liked about my group: we work as a team.  If someone can’t make it – we are trusting and understanding.  But, at the same time, we try to split the work evenly, if someone has to do the work later. 

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