Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blog 2

At the beginning of class on Wednesday we were shocked to find ourselves with two new partners. Our original idea had been spearheaded by one of the group members that dropped the course. This required us to have to start from scratch once again while updating our peers on the course and all of our individual card game ideas. Ian and harry seemed to take the most interest in the food game “Epic Meal” so we decided to carry on with that idea.

We decided to meet up at Alexander Library in order to start working on the prototype cards. The meeting went well for we were able to begin constructing the playing cards that included appetizers, drinks, meals, and desserts. Our group communicated well. For a group that lost two of its initial members, the two new group members, Ian and Harry, were very enthusiastic and assisted Mahvish and myself diligently which helped further develop our game into something more compelling than when we had started. We decided to include different ethnic meals within our game. This allows a wider range of players to feel emotionally connected to our game. Instead of just having traditional meals we eat here in the United States, the players can also construct ethnic meals from different backgrounds in order to earn bonus points.

Ram Patel 

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